your ultimate spot for top-notch skincare treatments. Nestled in Maine, not far from the Alfred/Sanford town line on route 202, right by Shaws Ridge. You will stumble upon Suite C located in DeerRidge Park Medical office building.

Here at Alexsandra Esthetics, I'm all about celebrating the skin, that superstar organ that deserves some major love. Let's face it, the skincare world can be a maze of info overload, right? but not to worry, because after 19 years in the beauty industry, I've got your back!

As your licensed skincare enthusiast, I'm on a mission to make your skin dreams a healthy reality. No judgment zone here, just a cozy space where laughter, tears, and those 'aha' moments mix with soothing tunes as we journey through your personalized skincare path.

I'm not just about stunning results (although they're totally my jam!), it's also about empowering you with knowledge and tools for that self-care glow-up. So, let's Simplify this skincare whirlwind, shall we? With a sprinkle of education, a dash of simplification, and a heap of empowerment, we'll decode your skin concerns and set it on a path to total luminosity - because let's face it, glowing skin should be effortless, right?

Join me, let's pamper that beautiful skin of yours, infuse some relaxation into your life, and rock this healthy transformative skincare journey together. Your skin's happiness is my top priority, so let's uncover its inherent beauty and make this journey one for the skincare history books! 

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Welcome to my world, where skincare isn't just a passion, it's a way of life! let me take you on a journey through my love affair with skincare that began way back in high school. yep, I've been there - battling acne, trying to crack the code to the perfect skincare routine. The struggle was real!

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